Things to know about US

We are the marketing agency that will change your business forever.

Here at Mitch Corp Media we strive to leave our clientele with the best results possible.

What are MCM's values?

Metrics: Measuring success and guiding decisions.

Innovation: Creating novel solutions and approaches.

Targeting: Identifying and focusing on key audiences.

Communication: Engaging and connecting with clarity.

Harmony: Ensuring all elements work together effectively.

With these values it's only a matter of time before you get your desired results.

What we offer

Ads, just ads.

"why?" You may ask.


Mastery demands focus, if we're doing different services then how do you expect us to perform? We are here to out perform and surpass your competition and that my friend requires mastery.


Communication is key when it comes to ads. It creates trust and repetitional results. With the right communication we can greatly benefit your business by finding the right prospects and audience.


Ads create a reputation for your business. Since you found the right agency for your business we will improve your reputation and report, how? We rinse and repeat the process till you are overflowing with clients.

Ads are the most reliant source of lead and client inflow. The more people that see you the more people buy. It's really that simple, you don't have the number of sales or clients that you want because you're a hidden gem. You haven't been seen by enough people.

So, you're wondering why your business is struggling with these things?

I'll tell you, but first understand you need to have a open mind. You are in this position because you simply chose to be. People blame their business or product, but that's not simply the problem. If a certain amount of people have seen your product or service then a certain amount of people will buy. If your ratio is 1 of 100 then that doesn't always mean you need to switch business models it just means 100,000 people need to see it for you to get 1,000 sales. It's simply a numbers game.

The Three reasons why most businesses struggle.

Don't fret these are easily fixable.

Organic content

Organic content is great, if you know what you're doing. So many businesses are closed on the idea of paid ads, yet they wonder why their business isn't or just is slightly profitable. It's time you make that change. I recommend your business to be making at least $3,000 before going with paid ads so you can have the best advantage. Otherwise I have a free organic content guide below!

Agency differentiation

The businesses that finally figured out that making an investment in their business won't kill them but will actually drive them to succeed, didn't research. They either tried it themselves or they worked with an agency that didn't know what they were doing then got let down. Then they put it all behind them thinking that you don't need ads or every agency was like that. MCM's standard is different, I personally have worked with and was mentored by an agency owner who produced over 67 Million USD profit to their clients. So tell me why can't you?


Once you've partnered with us, you need to hook your clients in. Most businesses struggle with first of all getting clients, then second retaining them or getting referred by them. You need to have a strong hook to actually bring them in. When you have a strong hook it also will change your ratio as well, so you can expect your numbers to go up.


Free 15-minute demo call

By the end of this Audit call, you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take for your business to start generating consistent and reliable results online with Funnels & Paid Advertising.

Find a time on Michael's calendar to schedule a call today and we look forward to speaking with you!


Businesses looking to convert their current website into high quality & streamlined funnel format.

Businesses looking to take their offline business online​.

Businesses looking to understand their increased revenue potential with funnels & conversion rate optimization.​

Businesses looking to maximize their conversion rates & average order value.​

Businesses looking for a reliable agency that can make their company a priority.


Given the family branded name I want to give you as much trust as possible. With my experience in multiple different types of marketing, copywriting, AI digital creation, and most importantly Ads paired with being mentored by one of the world's greatest agency owners, I believe I can bring your business to the level and experience you want and need. If you're reading this I applaud you, I respect any business owner willing to read and learn. Whether we work together or not I wish you all the best in your journey. Remember your actions reflect your results so anyone can be successful if you put the right actions in.